Frequent bus departures all day and night

Public transport

The bus stop at Lahaugmoen is located within a 10-minute walk from the housing area, and several bus routes including an airport shuttle-bus is departing from this stop. Most of the buses departure approximately every 30 minutes all day and night, with some exceptions during night. Timetables listed at www.ruter.no and www.nor-way.no From Lahaugmoen bus stop, the travel times are as follows:

  • Oslo Airport: 25 minutes (direct)
  • Oslo Bus terminal: 35 minutes (direct)
  • Lillestrøm terminal: 20 minutes (direct)
  • A-hus: 30 minutes (change once)
  • Aker hospital: 20 minutes (direct)
  • Ullevaal hospital: 50 minutes (change once)